If you have been inspired by the minimalist home movement and are looking to structure your kitchen remodel or new build around the style, you may not know where to start when it comes to design. The importance of the kitchen in everyday activities means that it can feel uncomfortable to simplify the space so that it meets with minimalist aesthetics, especially as for many of us, the kitchen is the beating heart of our homes.

With minimalism rising in popularity, many are finding that paring down your cooking space has nothing to do with skimping on style or function. As a by-product of the pared back style, increased importance needs to be placed on what you include in your kitchen – and what you opt to leave out – meaning the end result is typically a well-planned and thought out space, meaning you utilise every inch of your new kitchen design.

We discuss ways you can nail the basics to add a minimalist feel to your kitchen, leaving plenty of opportunity to inject your personality and sense of style in other ways.

Integrated Appliances

Integrating your main appliances such as the fridge, freezer and dishwasher is a great way to maintain a simple yet elegant design with clean lines. Why have stainless steel appliances breaking up the flow of the kitchen style, when integration means you have to know the appliances are there! For any other major appliances that you need but can’t integrate, consider a scullery if you have the space, or some benchtop cabinetry that allows you to simply hide the items away when they aren’t being used – without having the pain of needing to unplug and move them each time.

Handleless Designs

The handleless look just screams minimalist, and there are multiple options you can draw upon when it comes to wanting a handleless kitchen.

Finger rails create a linear look throughout, and can typically be matched to the colour of your cabinetry, so they blend-in nicely. If you can’t bear the thought of forgoing handles altogether, a handle pull is an option. You still get your handle, but it provides a very simple overall look that doesn’t draw the eye to one particular element.

Your last option is the touch catch – where you have no handle or rail at all, simply push on the drawer and it will pop open for you, and soft close when you are finished. The touch catch hardware can also be made electric, for those who appreciate a little bit of tech in the kitchen.

Equal Size Doors

Another way to create a minimalist look is by keeping your door and drawer width the same throughout the kitchen. By opting for cabinetry in a consistent size or width you are enhancing the overall feel of continuity in the design, creating an equalised look. Our brains naturally associate symmetry with feelings of being calm and organised – which is the perfect vibe for your minimalist kitchen style.


White is a highly used colour in a minimalist kitchen design, as neutral tones paired with simple door styles immediately make the room feel less busy. White in particular is an easy way to convey minimalism as it almost always feels clean and understated. In order to prevent the room from coming off as cold, adding a soft touch of colour is a popular choice – such as a timber accent to a small open shelf area, or some wooden bar stools. The key with this is to keep it small, less is more.


Kitchen lighting should be so well done that it is barely noticed, yet adds impact to the space, which is why particular attention should be paid to it during the design phase – unfortunately lighting included as an ‘afterthought’ rarely has the same effect (not to mention how difficult it can be to retrofit!). We absolutely love the inclusion of LED strip lighting underneath overhead cabinetry, as it provides a very sleek and refined look making the linear lines of the room somehow feel straighter and is a very effective tool for enhancing the minimalistic feel in any kitchen.

We spend so much time in our kitchens that regardless of your chosen style and design, it’s important to not only incorporate the necessary appliances and functionality that is required, but also ensure that each space is imbued with its own sense of style.

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