When you’re designing your new kitchen, it’s important not to neglect the lighting and you need to consider factors such as the positioning, number and function of your various lights. Although lighting can often be an afterthought after spending so much time choosing benchtops, splashbacks and new appliances, the right lighting will make a big difference to the look and feel of the finished product. Today, we’ll be sharing some helpful tips on how to use lighting effectively in your new Perth kitchen.

Set the overall mood

When we talk about choosing ambient lighting, we mean the overall lighting for the entire kitchen. It helps set the mood, complements the design and means you can easily navigate the space. You don’t want to opt for ambient lighting which is too dim as that will make the space seem smaller and result in dark corners. ln most cases, diffused white light is a good option to give the right balance of light without being too stark. Dimmable lights are a great idea because it allows you to adjust the brightness depending on the occasion.

Match the style

Match the lighting to the design, not the other way around. No matter how much you may love a certain lighting idea, it can have a jarring effect if it doesn’t fit into the space. For example, a chandelier style light in an ultra-modern kitchen has the potential to look quite odd. Think about the lighting in terms of complementing the style so the whole look blends together seamlessly.

Functional lighting

While it’s often more fun to see what feature lighting you can use in your kitchen, installing functional task lighting will make your kitchen much easier to use. Think about task lighting such as an automatic light inside your pantry, LED downlights over your benchtops for easy food preparation and strip lighting under your cabinets. Remember to think about task lighting well ahead of time as it will often need to be integrated into the design.

Make a statement

Your lighting doesn’t just have to be functional, it can also be used to great effect as a design feature. Have some fun and make a statement with options such as colourful pendant lights, oversized designs or even a striking chandelier. These touches can add interest and personality to your design, as well as providing light. However, as we’ve already discussed, make sure any feature lighting compliments the overall design.

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