When you’re in the processing of designing your new kitchen, you need to strike the right balance between the aesthetic you want and the functionality you need. There’s no point having a stunning kitchen if it doesn’t fit with your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider to ensure your kitchen will be the perfect fit for you.

What do you need?

Before you embark on the design process, consider the main requirements for your new space. Do you have a growing family and need more room? Are you finding entertaining a nightmare in your current space? Do you need improved functionality? Are your appliances seriously outdated? Careful consideration of your unique needs means that you can plan for these in the design of your new kitchen. During the design process, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional kitchen designer. They’ll be able to integrate the functionality you need effortlessly into the design.

What will be the best layout?

The layout of the kitchen is something that makes a huge difference to functionality. In most kitchens, you need to consider your ‘work triangle’, which is the optimal distance between your oven, sink and fridge. If you get these distances wrong, it can make for a very awkward space. However, for larger families where there are multiple people using the space, work zones may be a better layout option. This means that the kitchen is separated into different zones for various tasks, such as food preparation and washing up. When considering your layout, you can also think about whether you want to add in a scullery to allow preparation and clean-up to be separate from the main kitchen – perfect for the prolific entertainer!

What will fit with the rest of the home?

You want your kitchen your flow seamlessly with the rest of the house, and not look out of place. When you’re going through the design process and deciding which style you like, remember to consider the overall aesthetic of the rest of the house and see how you can tie it all together. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon your dream style – you just might need to make some alterations. For example, a more modern kitchen can be softened with the right features and accessories to blend with a traditional home.

At The Maker, we lead the industry when it comes to customised kitchen designs and are Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen designer and manufacturer. We’ll work with you from initial concept to the finished product to produce the kitchen of your dreams. Our designers will ensure that your new kitchen is both practical and beautiful, while blending seamlessly with your existing style.

To meet with one of our award-winning kitchen designers Perth, contact The Maker today on 1300 270 000 so that we can help you create a truly customised space.

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