Your kitchen is the focal point of your home which is why it’s so important to get the details right when it comes to finalising your design. You should never underestimate how much of an impact the design choice for your splashbacks will have on the look of your new kitchen and there are a number of options you can choose from. Our award-winning team of designers know what they’re doing when it comes to home kitchen interior design and today they’ll be giving you some splashback inspiration for your new kitchen.

Coloured splashbacks

If you’ve opted for neutral cabinetry but would like to inject some colour into the space, feature splashbacks can be the perfect solution. Whether you want to opt for some contrasting neutral colours with grey or muted shades of blue, or you want to add vibrancy with a pop of vibrant red or lime green, coloured splashbacks can help you add your own personality to your new kitchen.

Mirrored splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks continue to be a popular trend in kitchen design thanks to their ability to open up the space and give a sense of light. They offer an easy and elegant solution for your kitchen and fit in with any colour scheme you could imagine. The mirrored look is on trend but will also date well. If you want a neutral look with your splashbacks but are also looking for something a bit different, mirrored splashbacks could be the perfect option.

Subway tile splashbacks

Subway tile splashbacks offer an aesthetically beautiful look which adds the right amount of interest without being too overpowering. Subway tiles are traditionally white, but you can also opt for a coloured or textured option to make it more of a feature. While they’re generally laid horizontally, the herringbone pattern is a recent popular trend which transforms the subway tile into a completely new look. You can also consider using a contrasting darker grout colour with white tiles to add a new dimension to the space.

Mosaic splashbacks

Mosaic splashbacks are a classic design choice and these days there are numerous modern options to fit in with different styles. Whether you’re interested in the traditional, elegant look of patterned tiles or prefer an ultra-modern look with a glass or metallic finish, you’ll be able to find a mosaic splashback option which complements your kitchen. Mosaic splashbacks can be used as a true creative feature thanks to the wide range of colours, textures and materials available.

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