The industrial style was born for the kitchen! There are few places in the house which revel in the beauty and unassuming ease of the industrial style as much as the kitchen and what’s even better, is this distinct style is easily adaptable to take on the individual personality of the home-owner.

Whether you are looking to blend contemporary aesthetics with industrial elements, or stick to the classic, loft-inspired design, we look at some key ways you can bring the vibes of industrial kitchen design into your home.


The industrial style is all about raw textural beauty at its diverse best, and there are not many materials that fit this description better than concrete – with lots of ways you can include it into your design. Poured concrete flooring is a fantastic option if you are building a new home or doing a larger scale renovation. If new floors aren’t on your radar, you can opt to have a concrete-look island bench by using an engineered stone product – we love Rugged Concrete, or the lighter Airy Concrete, both from Caesarstone. Finally, a splashback is a fantastic way to introduce concrete into your kitchen whilst also making an impactful visual statement.

Moody Cabinetry

Black cabinets are a key element in creating an industrial kitchen. With black cabinets, you are able to assemble the rustic, industrial look, but with a touch of chic. If black isn’t your thing you can also opt for a dark grey or even deep navy colours. When mixed into the room with cool concrete and warm timber elements, these inky tones provide an instant shot of sophistication, lending a grown-up feel that is seriously chic.

Open Shelving

Open shelving can add finesse to your industrial style. Utilise metal open shelving to provide glitz and a home for ceramic jars, or a couple of rough-hewn timber slabs to add interest without detracting from the obvious focal point of the kitchen.

If the exposed feel of open shelving freaks you out, limit yourself to one section of your wall. You can keep your ‘good stuff’ on display and keep the rest in your lower cabinets, so you aren’t doing away with concealed storage for good, but you can experiment a little with going open.

Statement Lighting

A chic industrial kitchen relies heavily on lighting and uses a sense of scale to deliver an industrial flavour. Use statement pendant lights in raw materials, hanging low over the island bench or dining table to invite a sense of height into the room, whilst creating a cosy focal point. Some of the most common materials for industrial lights are concrete, glass, and metals like chrome, brass, copper and steel. There are a number of features that are frequently found in industrial pendant lights, which include wire cages, mesh, chains, and handles.

Bar Stools

When it comes to adding the finishing touches on your kitchen and tying your style together, one cannot overlook the effect of the humble bar stool. Whether the room requires softening with reclaimed wooden stools or some grit added with metal seating – the right set of bar stools will take your space from ‘nice’ to WOW. If you have been playing it safe with your choices thus far, this is where you can leave your safe zone and start to experiment with texture and material; why not go for some unique leather chairs, or even mix and match a combination of styles to really bring an edge to your kitchen.

For the perfect final touch on your industrial-style kitchen you can install a high-pressure sink tap with a long, flexible, extendable spray hose for a professional appearance. Get funky with beautiful abstract artwork on the walls or add some strategically placed rails for hanging-up cooking utensils or even some pots and pans.

It’s a good idea to enlist the expertise of a professional kitchen designer if you are considering the industrial style. A professional will help achieve the right balance across all the elements of this unique style. The Maker’s kitchen designers are award-winning, experienced and offer exceptional customer service to ensure the process of a new kitchen is an enjoyable one. To make a booking for a design consultation for your kitchen renovation in Perth, give us a call today on 1300 270 000.

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