When it comes to kitchen colours and design, the white kitchen continues to be one of the most popular style choices. However, black is also making its mark in contemporary kitchen design and makes an emphatic statement with its bold, edgy look. If you like the idea of introducing black into your colour scheme, keep in mind that it needs to be done in the right way to avoid it overwhelming the space. Today, we’re sharing our design tips on making black work in your new kitchen.

Contrast with other colours

Using black as your primary colour scheme will certainly have an impact, but if you use too much, the result can be dark and unwelcoming. To avoid this, use other colours to break up the design. Contrasting cabinets are a great option, where black overhead cabinets are coupled with lighter coloured lower cabinets. You can also use contrasting colours in splashbacks, benchtops, flooring and accessories. Green, pink and blue work well with black, and you can also introduce white for a dramatic contrast.

Add some warmth

To avoid your black kitchen looking too stark, think about incorporating texture and warmth into the space. Stone benchtops are not only functional, but also add character with their unique detailing. Patterned benchtops, metal accessories and natural timber can all bring warmth and life to your new kitchen.

Add industrial features

A black colour scheme works perfectly with an industrial style kitchen, and you can bring in some typically industrial features to tie the look together. Concrete, stainless steel, timber and other raw materials all work well in an industrial space. You can also incorporate open shelving to great effect in an industrial design.

Let in the light

While white cabinets will reflect the light, you need to remember that black cabinets will absorb it. For this reason, take care to introduce as much natural light as possible. Look for natural light sources which can be enhanced for your new design, such as large windows and skylights. You need to also include lighting for the evening which is bright enough to illuminate a darker colour scheme.

Use black accents

In some spaces, such as small kitchens, it may not be practical to introduce a predominantly black colour scheme because of its tendency to make the space look smaller. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt black accents at strategic points to give that chic, edgy feel. Black bar stools, feature lighting with black fittings, black hardware or tapware, and black appliances can all be used to achieve the look you want.

The award-winning designers at The Maker can help turn your kitchen dreams into reality by incorporating your own ideas into a customised design, while also offering advice on the latest design trends. We’re there with you every step of the way during the design process, from initial concept to finished product, until you’re left with the perfect finished product.

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