Once you’ve made the decision to renovate your kitchen, it’s easy to become stuck down the rabbit hole of looking through endless pictures on the internet and in magazines in search of the perfect kitchen. It’s a big decision and it’s understandable that many people struggle to decide what they want in their final design.We have extensive experience with custom Kitchen designs in Perth so we’re here to share how you can narrow things down and find a design which is right for you.

Consider the rest of the house

An easy way to begin to narrow down the design you want for your kitchen is to think about the style of the rest of the house. You may love the look of a particular style but when you think about how it would look against the rest of the home, it just might not work. Think about echoing the style of the rest of the house into your new kitchen or featuring certain colours which are prominent in other rooms. This creates a sense of flow and means your new kitchen complements rather than clashes with the house.

Purpose of the space

Think about the bigger picture in terms of the reasons you want a Kitchen renovation to begin with. Do you need a larger space for entertaining? If so, you can think about features such a large island bench to accommodate bar stools and extra storage features. Do you want to feel like the kitchen flows into the rest of the house? If so, consider a more open design to allow flow and natural light. Don’t make the mistake of just trying to find a design that fits the current layout of the kitchen – this is your chance to really transform the space into an area you love.

Think about functionality

Yes, it’s tempting to focus on the final aesthetic look at the kitchen but a lot of the design aspect of the kitchen will be about functionality. Think about practical thinks like how much storage you need in the space, whether you want appliances to be integrated so they’re less visible, and where you want your main appliances to be located. The functional features you want in your new kitchen will then go on to inform the final design.

Ask an expert

One of the easiest ways to conceptualise your ideas is to speak to an expert kitchen designer. They have the creative experience to help you create a space which is both beautiful and functional. A designer can also help you effortlessly combine particular styles that you like and will ensure that the kitchen flows with the rest of the house.

At The Maker, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a customised, luxury kitchen which will suit your individual needs and tastes. Our award-winning designers are constantly coming up with new kitchen designs to offer inspiration and can incorporate your vision into the final product. Our showroom features seven full sized kitchens to help you in your search for the perfect design.

For customised, innovative kitchen designs, contact The Maker today on 1300 674 946 and make an appointment to visit our extensive showroom.

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