20 June 2022

How To Use Steccawood in Your Kitchen Design To Create Curves

Curves are one of the hottest kitchen design trends right now. And that’s no surprise. Many of our recent projects have championed this luxury inclusion using polytec STECCAWOOD battens for curved kitchen islands, curved edges, and curved accessories that reflect a unique and signature style.

Done right, curves create more space and a luxurious look and feel for your kitchen. The Maker Designer Kitchens team has over 22 years of experience in designing and building luxury curved kitchen islands and cabinetry. 

If you’re interested in seeing how curves can elevate your kitchen design, visit our Bassendean showroom or have a sneak peek at what’s trending in our 2022 kitchen trends ebook. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use STECCAWOOD and curved design elements in your new kitchen.



Polytec STECCAWOOD battens are a unique and stylish material that exemplifies the curved kitchen trend and pairs perfectly with curved kitchen islands. This luxury kitchen inclusion is gaining momentum in kitchen design in 2022 because it adds a warm and rich texture to your space.

As an alternative to flat or curved laminate cabinetry, a STECCAWOOD kitchen offers a balance of curves and lines delivering a sense of topography to your design. STECCAWOOD battens come in a half-round, concave curve and various sized flat profiles and are applied individually to your cabinetry project. 

Incorporating the half-round or the new concave curve ‘Cove’ profile is a great way to add a textural curve to a kitchen design like in this image here. You can also use a flat profile batten on a curved island design to create points of visual interest between shapes.

Check out our stunning kitchen renovation in Cottesloe, which uses Polytec STECCAWOOD battens to create a curved kitchen island. 


Curved Island

Designing your kitchen to include a curved island is a great way to embrace this trend. Curved kitchen islands create an eye-catching feature that pulls focus and creates more space. 

They will also contrast straight lines in a kitchen that is predominantly symmetrical. This striking effect can lend itself to an awesome visual impact that will make your design stand out. A curved kitchen island also balances your space and adds a softer feel to your design.

Curved kitchen islands look fantastic in open-plan homes where the kitchen flows into the living zones or where the island is designed to double as a dining room table. 

If you’re curious about how a curved island could compliment and elevate your kitchen design, you can read more about how these trends are shaping up in our latest 2022 Kitchen Trends ebook


Curved Edge Cabinetry

Curved edges are all the rage right now. They’re a fantastic way to deliver soft finishes that invoke a soft feel within minimalist kitchen design. 

Curved edges on wall cabinetry are a brilliant way to create a curved feature behind a kitchen island, or if you’re planning on including open shelving then incorporating curves into the edges adds a striking effect. 

But curved edges needn’t be limited to cabinetry, shelving and benchtops: when designing your kitchen consider creating a curved custom rangehood cover as a central feature in your kitchen. 

We recommend using brands like Whispair which create custom colour curved rangehoods that create a striking look in your kitchen design. If you are thinking of incorporating larger curved design elements like range hoods or benchtops, it’s good to start thinking early on in your design process about how this would work. Our team at The Maker Designer Kitchens can help you discover possibilities when it comes to the initial design and layout – all the way through to the finished product through our three step design process.


Curved Accessories

Another innovative way of incorporating curved kitchen design into your home is by playing with curved accessories. Whether that’s custom cabinetry handles or feature knobs, it’s the little things that are bound to make a world of difference to your design. 

When it comes to choosing the right accessories, matching the style to your overall design vision is a must. Choosing the right cabinetry handles is like choosing jewellery for your kitchen. Carefully chosen handles enhance not only the design aspects but also provide excellent functionality. 

Curved handles, like full round or half-moon styles, are an excellent way to layer the curved look in your kitchen design. Whereas round feature knobs or curved pull style handles can create points of interest that will add an abundance of personality. If you want to see what’s possible, visit our Bassendean showroom to view our large range of cabinetry handles on display.

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The Maker Designer Kitchens team offers a full-service, end-to-end design process from the first conversation to the final reveal. Our team works to the highest standards in designing, locally manufacturing and building your new custom luxury kitchen. 

If you’re considering a new kitchen renovation for your home, or simply curious as to what’s possible, come visit our Bassendean showroom and speak to one of our designers. We’ll be happy to guide you through the latest kitchen design trends, or discuss with you some innovative ways you can incorporate curves into your kitchen. Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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