Some people know immediately which style they’re drawn to for their new kitchen, while for others it can be a much longer process to get their vision right. The important thing to remember is that kitchen design is flexible, and that you can combine various elements of different styles. If you love the sleek, low maintenance look of the modern kitchen, as well as the warmth of the country style, you can combine these two styles to create your own contemporary country kitchen.

Add some warmth

A modern style kitchen is practical and sleek, with clean lines and smooth surfaces. However, you can run the risk of the space becoming too clinical, especially with large spaces, so integrating elements of the country kitchen can go a long way to softening the look. For example, investing in rich timber flooring can give a warm, welcoming feel, and classic country features such as open shelving or glass cabinets can add interest

Neutral palette

The modern and country styles work well together when it comes to the choice of a colour palette since both have an emphasis on neutrals. Stick with neutrals for a contemporary country kitchen look, but also think about introducing some of the signature warmth of the country style with your colour choice. For example, if you opt for white cabinetry, you can also integrate soft greys, greens or blues into the kitchen.

Intricate touches

Country Style Kitchens are all about those little details which add personality to the space. You can integrate small elements of the country kitchen into the modern space with great effect, to give it that rustic feel without it being too overwhelming. Think about small touches such as ornate cabinet handles or a farmhouse-style sink. You can also consider a feature chandelier which is common addition in a country kitchen.

Raw materials

Nothing softens a space quite like timber, which is why this material is so often a feature in country kitchens. For the modern country kitchen, you can retain the sleek lines and minimal cabinetry, while using timber to great effect in the finish of your cabinets. You can also combine the natural with the modern by installing contrasting modern cabinets with an island bench of raw wood.

Keep it simple

Country kitchens often have a reputation for being cluttered and busy, which is why combining the best elements of both country and modern is so effective. While elements of rustic charm can be included in the design, the space retains its sleek, modern aesthetic which offers timeless appeal.

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