Do you love to cook and entertain? Planning and designing a kitchen that is perfectly suited for entertaining needs to consider the right look and aesthetic, comfort for your guests and functionality in the kitchen itself. Let’s take a look at the must-have inclusions and top kitchen design ideas to make entertaining a breeze.

Built-in wine fridges and bars

The obvious choice for entertaining: Easy access to perfectly chilled drinks! A built-in wine fridge or bar fridge that is easily accessible to your guests will not only create the right vibe for your parties and get-togethers, but it will save you space in your regular fridge, allowing you to use this for meal preparation.

Wine fridges by Vintec or Liebherr will ensure your wine is preserved in its optimal temperature, often with dual-zones, meaning you can have both red and white ready to drink at any time. Built-in wine fridges can work well as part of the kitchen island, and their sleek integrated design will have your guests in awe.

Open plan design and access to the outdoors

Another must-have element to your kitchen design if you are going to regularly entertain is an open-plan design, and preferably one that opens up to your backyard or outdoor entertaining area. An open-plan design means that you won’t be tucked away in the kitchen while you prepare drinks or meals and allows you to chat and socialise while you’re working – especially if you have an island as part of your design, with bar stools for your guests to sit at. Better still, direct access from the kitchen to the outdoor/alfresco entertaining area is perfect for those summer evenings and our lifestyle in Perth, allowing your guests to move between the spaces, with the added advantage of visually expanding the kitchen space.

Adequate appliances

One of our top kitchen design ideas to make entertaining simple is the inclusion of enough appliances to ensure your kitchen can handle the numbers. A double oven is preferable for serious entertainers – you don’t want to be running out of space for your food and have to stagger your meal cooking, because this will tie you up in the kitchen all night rather than letting you socialise. A double dishwasher (or a secondary dishwasher tucked away in the butler’s pantry) can also be hugely helpful at the end of the night when it comes time to clean up. Even a secondary sink and washing up area is a fantastic way to make your life easier. Considering these elements early in your kitchen project can go a long way to ultimate satisfaction with the functionality of your new kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

We’ve already touched on that an island bench is a great way to create a social atmosphere while you’re in the kitchen with the inclusion of some stylish bar stools to suit your decor, but there are some additional benefits to this interior design for your kitchen. An island can double as a table to present and serve food from (think a fabulous grazing platter served on your island) as well as re-filling drinks. Think about incorporating clever hidden storage and a pull-out bin in your island for a clean and uncluttered look that will appeal to your guests.

If you’re a keen entertainer and need some assistance with kitchen design ideas for your upcoming project, give us a call today on 1300 270 000 to talk to one of our award-winning designers, or pop into our showroom Monday – Saturday to view our high quality kitchens in real life. The Maker is Perth’s most awarded kitchen designer and manufacturer, with a commitment to quality and service.

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