modern kitchen design

When it comes to the colour scheme for your modern kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices. With only a handful of kitchen colour schemes surviving the ever-changing trends, it’s important to choose a colour palette that will stand the test of time, and fit into your modern kitchen design. Don’t get caught up with the latest or the hottest fad of the moment with a colour that may end up feeling dated or tacky – make sure your new kitchen will be timeless. Let’s check out some fantastic colour palettes that will seamlessly fit in with your modern kitchen design.

modern kitchen design

Gorgeous Greys

The old faithful when it comes to kitchen colour schemes! A cool grey and white colour palette is a perfect choice for a modern kitchen that will stand the test of time. Offering clean and simple lines, a grey and white cabinetry and benchtop combination is ideal for expressing some individuality through accessories or appliances. As the colour combination can be muted and low-key, this combination will let your other items do the talking – meaning you can jazz the kitchen up with a stunning art piece, a fruit bowl, eclectic dinnerware or even some statement lighting. The best part about this timeless colour combination? It won’t go out of fashion, and you can change your style pieces regularly for a different look.

Black and White

The ultimate colour combination in modern kitchen designs, black and white offers a slick and contemporary feel to your kitchen. Black is often associated with modern kitchens because it’s bold, striking and versatile. It’s important to make your selections wisely – when used in the wrong way, black can overpower your room, especially in smaller spaces. A black granite island paired with classic white cabinetry is a popular choice, and with the advantage of some natural light will create a sophisticated effect. If you’re going for some darker cabinetry choices, timber features will blend in well, or otherwise a small pop of greenery with some indoor plants could be a stylish choice.

Natural Tones

Choosing a natural colour palette can be a wise choice for a timeless and elegant kitchen – far from boring, natural tones offer a warm, inviting and homely environment, and because the colours are quite soft, they won’t date or tire with age. Earthy colours such as beige, tan, or creams can be livened up with brass handles and hardware to create an appealing aesthetic. Sandy or stone tones along with a natural stone benchtop will create an authentic and natural feel to your new kitchen. It’s important to spend time considering your options when it comes to the colour scheme for your new kitchen. While the choices are endless, make sure your kitchen reflects your personal style and is something you will love for years to come.

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