Important Warranty Notice

With proper care the surfaces of the cabinets and tops keep their good looks for many years. There are limits to the warranty for cabinets and tops so the following guidelines need to be adhered to.

There is no warranty for cabinets and tops damaged by or swelling caused by water. Materials used are high moisture resistant, NOT waterproof. Water left on surfaces will cause swelling.


Keep your cabinets and laminated tops dry at all times. Wipe up any spilt water immediately and dry the surface, in particular take care near laminated joins, sinks, basins, baths and showers.

DO NOT let the water sit on the bench tops around the sink and basins, against the grout line or between the vanity cabinet and bath or shower hob.


Fit window treatments or a patio to protect bench tops from direct sunlight. Use heat protecting mats under pans, dishes and appliances. When using the hotplate always have the range hood on and fully extended.

Direct sunlight can cause bench top joins to open allowing the combination of laminate movement and water penetration resulting in unrepairable damage.
DO NOT place hot pans, kettles or appliances directly onto laminate surfaces.
DO NOT leave gas burners running without a pan on the burner.
DO NOT allow vinyl form products any exposure to surface temperatures exceeding 75’C.


Use warm soapy water with a damp sponge to clean cabinets and laminated top surfaces. Chamois dry with a clean cloth immediately.

DO NOT use abrasive, alkaline or acid cleaners such as CLR, Jiff or Bleach. These products can quickly etch into the surface causing permanent damage.

Warranty Limitation

Warranty will become void when (but not limited to) damage caused by:

  1. 1. Swelling or damage cause by water
  2. 2. Laminate movement caused by the surface temperature exceeding 100’C.
  3. 3. Door failure caused by surface temperature exceeding 75’C.
  4. 4. Improper care and insufficient householder maintenance.