Carramar Project The Brief

In this video hear from our clients why they chose us for their kitchen and view actual footage of their kitchen in construction.

In this video our clients Jules and Jess talk about why they chose us to design and build their dream kitchen. Listen to them explain what they were looking for in the design and watch behind the scenes footage of their kitchen in construction.

Jess and Jules had just built their forever home. Being avid hosts, Jess told us that they wanted their kitchen to effortlessly accommodate guests and serve as a central hub for entertaining and socialising.

“Because it’s our forever home, we wanted a kitchen that is practical. We are big on entertaining, so Jules and I felt like our builder wasn’t going to quite deliver what we wanted, we wanted something specific.”

After doing some research online and via Instagram, Jess came across The Maker Designer Kitchens.

“I came across The Maker Designer Kitchens and really loved your work. So we went down to the showroom… and the rest is history pretty much”.

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