Some things never go out of fashion, and the classic style kitchen offers a timeless design choice which will stand the test of time. The classic kitchen is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, and gives an effortless and subdued aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at the features you can expect to see in this design.

1. Neutral colours

It should come as no surprise that bright colours are rarely featured in a classic style kitchen. In keeping with the subdued aesthetic, whites and creams are the main feature of this design. Of course, you can also use other colours on the neutral palettes such as pale blue and warm greys.

2. Natural flooring

When it comes to choosing the flooring for your classic kitchen, it’s all about a natural, neutral look. For this reason, timber flooring is a perfect option. Not only does it have a timeless appeal, it’s also a practical and long-lasting choice.

3. Simple design

A classic kitchen is all about timelessness, so the overall design is intentionally kept simple. The simplicity of the design is aimed at bringing a sense of balance and symmetry to your kitchen without over-the-top features. This makes it the perfect style when you want your kitchen to integrate with the existing style of the home.

4. Subway tiles

For a classic kitchen splashback, you can’t go past white subway tiles. This offers a sleek, clean look which will stand the test of time and not date. From a practical perspective, tiled splashbacks are easy to clean and are designed to last.

5. Simple cabinet styles

Although some detailing in the cabinetry is often seen in classic kitchens, overly ornate styles don’t tend to feature. Ultra-modern, high gloss cabinets are also out. The simple style of the cabinets is intended to blend with the rest of the space.

6. Practical features

The design of the classic kitchen is all about delivering a practical and efficient space. For this reason, you’ll find plenty of storage, overhead cabinets, and integrated storage solutions to reduce clutter. Functionality is key with the classic style.

7. Natural lighting

The more natural light the better in the classic kitchen. Make sure you optimise the natural light you have available, and consider adding in larger windows or a feature skylight if there isn’t much light during the day.

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