Luxury kitchens! We’d all love to come home to a beautifully designed and pristine professional kitchen at the end of the day. I mean, the daily grind of cooking dinner would surely be much easier in a kitchen filled with endless bench space, marble counters and professional-grade appliances, right?

Adding elements that turn your kitchen into a hub of luxury yields a daily pay-off because it is the most used living space in the home. Bearing in mind that we don’t all have the ability or budget to install every luxury our heart desires, that’s not to say you can’t easily include some winning items.

When investing in upgrades it is possible to add some premium touches to your everyday cooking space without blowing the bank, thanks to new technology and materials that are available.

Read on to discover our clever tips to give your humble kitchen the look and feel of something much more lavish.

Touchless Tapware

Gone are the days of having to touch the taps with your hands covered in raw chicken or household grime. With a touch-sensitive faucet you can just tap it with your arm and have water streaming, as the motion-activated sensor in the tap turns the water on and off with just a wave. Not only does it look high tech and fancy, it’s far more convenient and sanitary than the usual type of faucet – making it a high-end upgrade to any kitchen.

Fancy water

There’s nothing more convenient and luxurious than having your very own filtered water system in your home. Whether it’s boiling, chilled or sparkling water (or a tap which does all three!) – a fully integrated water system is the ultimate in quality design that will also save you valuable space! Reclaim some bench space with a kettle no longer needed, and fit more into your fridge as you can remove those water bottles. The icing on top is the unobtrusive design which blends into any kitchen and is available in styles to suit any decor.

Coordinate your appliances

It might seem obvious to some, but streamlining all your appliances can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. Whether you go for chrome or all-white appliances, at the very least you should settle on a theme for your espresso machine, kettle and toaster. Can’t manage matchy-matchy accessories? Consider integrating big-ticket items into your cabinetry (such as your fridge, freezer and dishwasher), and stash any smaller appliances out of sight, especially if they aren’t used on a daily basis.

You can’t have too many drawers!

We haven’t met too many people who have regretted the decision to upgrade their under-bench cabinetry to drawers. Banks of push-catch drawers are a fantastic way to maximise storage space, and keep your kitchen organised to a tee. Better sectioning and specialised storage for things like knives and cutlery are also becoming commonplace, and why not incorporate LED lighting that illuminates the contents when opened, making it quick to find the right spatula or whisk in a hurry.

Clear the mess

One thing every beautiful kitchen has in common is a distinct lack of clutter. Clearing your space does wonders for not just the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, but also your headspace – just ask Marie Kondo. When not cooking, organization is critical for stowing away tools, accessories and food. The major elements of the kitchen that you have invested in will never shine as they should if they are surrounded by too much stuff. Clear counters and a few well-chosen accessories help elevate the look of the kitchen – if you can’t ditch the clutter, the space will never have a sense of luxury.

A touch of nature

To turn a house into a home, we need texture and elements of nature. There’s nothing like a fresh-cut bunch of flowers, beautifully potted herbs or artfully arranged foliage to liven up a sleek kitchen. While sharp lines and shiny surfaces usually reign supreme in this area of the home, a bunch of hydrangeas or stylish pot plant can be used to create a natural focal point in any cooking space.

Ultimately, the kitchen is one space where it’s more than looks that count, and it’s the design elements that make kitchen work easier and more pleasant that are the true contributions to luxury.

If you want to have the upper hand in making your kitchen as luxurious as it can be, call in the experts. The Maker is Western Australia’s most awarded kitchen designer and has created unique, luxury kitchens for our clients to suit their individual needs over the past 20 years.

Speak to one of our designers today on 1300 270 000 on how to add luxury to your kitchen in Perth, knowing that you’re in the hands of an expert who will see your project through from the start all the way through to a high-quality finish.

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