24 September 2021


Industrial kitchens are really quite a unique style. It’s a style built on raw textural beauty and utilitarian use of industrial materials. Borrowing from industrial manufacturing, old facilities and workshops, it’s a style characterised by bricks, concrete and the warm glow of halogen lights- set off with bright colours, and a healthy amount of function and space.

Industrial kitchen styles work well with any kind of house, from 70’s traditional Australian homes, to brand new warehouse conversion apartments. Even that standard, modern Aussie home will look great with an industrial kitchen.

Ready to turn your kitchen into something awesome, but don’t want to go full reno? Here are 5 quick tips to convert your kitchen into an industrial style kitchen!

It’s all about the Colour

Industrial kitchens depend on a dark, neutral base palette- think greys, white’s and matt blacks. This neutral palette sets the scene for the highlights and feature pieces, and really gives that industrial look and feel.

Combine black stone benchtops with exposed brickwork, and some vibrant timber accents. Then set it all off with bright brass tapware and door handles, with a splash of colour in the form of an indoor garden of bright green, or some vintage yellow stools.

Functionality and Space!

Create a sense of space with floating cabinets and shelves. Lots of shelves. Get the most out of your kitchen with floating shelves, or shelves made from old timber planks stacked on bricks- it’s easy, and looks amazing. The floating cabinets really work to give the illusion of space and depth, and look great too.

Texture, texture, texture!

The industrial style is all about texture- exposed brickwork and raw concrete. The best way to really set the scene is with an exposed concrete floor, preferably with some cracks and character. While this isn’t always achievable, feature texture is! It’s relatively easy to do, and can be done brilliantly with recycled building materials.

A stone splashback is a great way to achieve texture in the kitchen, and is super functional too. Pair this with a signature stone benchtop, and you’ve got a real winner.

An alternative to feature texture on the walls, is paint- go for something inky and dark, with good texture. Build up a single wall with dark paint, and it’ll set off the whole room and really deliver the industrial vibe you’re going for.

Lights - Bright and Warm Feature Pieces

Feature lights are one of the signature pieces of an industrial style kitchen, deep yellow light from a light suspended from the ceiling is what I think of instantly when considering an industrial kitchen. They’re extremely available now too, even Kmart offers brilliantly industrial copper wire-frame pendant lights, and can be all you need to really set off the kitchen.


This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest make or breaks of an industrial style kitchen is the cabinet choice. While you might be tempted to repaint or restyle your old ones, and they can definitely work, one of the best solutions is a flat pack cabinet set.

Stainless, timber, dark and matte- all of these are great cabinet styles to pair with an industrial kitchen, and can be the feature or the backdrop depending on your choice. Choose an inky, dark blue and simple cabinet set to really make your feature texture pieces and tapware pop. Or choose stainless to really make the whole kitchen pop, and bring your vision to life!

Want more, or just ready to get started? The Maker’s team of professional kitchen designers can offer top notch advice on where to start, or expand on some of the things we’ve touched on here in these tips!

Better yet, drop into our showroom in Perth, and we’ll show you our personal take on an amazing industrial style kitchen. To make a booking for a design consultation or to find out more information about our kitchen design showroom, call our friendly team today on 1300 270 000.

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