Shower Screens

The shower screen you choose can have a big impact on the look of your new bathroom. Planning a bathroom layout is one of the most difficult elements of a new build or renovation process, with one of the harder tasks being the placement of the shower to maximise your use of the space. Delivering a sleek and smooth finish, a glass shower screen maximises light and gives your bathroom a spacious feel. A glass shower screen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also low maintenance and will last for years.

Maximise the light and space in your bathroom with a stunning shower screen

The Maker

The Maker specialises in both semi-frameless shower screens and fully frameless shower screens, and provides a unique point of difference in a streamlined and efficient approach to measure and installation, meaning your bathroom’s requirements can be met by one supplier with personalised service and commitment to excellence.

Your custom shower screen by The Maker will be made with toughened glass manufactured to Australian safety standards. Toughened glass is between four and five times stronger than ordinary glass due to undergoing a heating process. Although it is rare that a toughened shower screen will break, if hit with excessive force on a particular edge, it will break into small cube-like pieces rather than dangerous shards.

Showerscreens - The Maker Glass
Fully frameless shower screens - The Maker Glass

Fully frameless shower screens

Utilising thicker glass, a fully frameless shower screen provides a high quality and modern look. The most popular trend in bathroom design, a frameless shower screen has a protective coating which helps to resist soap scum and drip stains, making it easy to clean. Frameless shower screens are synonymous with large, open and luxurious bathrooms; however they also work well in smaller spaces as they can give the illusion of more space and brighten up an area that may lack light. A frameless shower screen can suit both a modern and traditional bathroom design – whilst the minimalist look of the screen can have a more contemporary feel, even a classic style traditional bathroom will benefit from the lack of interruption with a frameless shower.

Semi-frameless shower screens

Unlike their frameless counterparts, semi-frameless shower screens have minimal frames on just one side, where the glass piece fixes to the wall. Semi-frameless shower screens are a more budget-friendly and cost-effective solution, although there is more cleaning required and a more complicated installation process. The benefit in a semi-frameless shower screen is that the wall does not have to be perfect – with an uneven wall or ceiling, the fixings can be adjusted to accommodate the discrepancy.

A popular option to consider is a fully frameless shower screen in your ensuite and a semi-frameless shower screen for your second bathroom.

Semi-frameless shower screens - The Maker Glass

Vision, innovation and quality workmanship…

Vision, innovation, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service are what drive clients and builders alike to choose The Maker Glass to design, manufacture & install our custom glass products in their homes.

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