hamptons style kitchen perth

Want your kitchen to look like something straight out of a long island reality show? Well then, this is the style for you. The stunning Hamptons Style is everything you’d imagine, a beautiful, modern kitchen with a taste of the coastal. Today, we’re going to break down exactly what makes it so special, and how you can bring it to life in your own home.

What is the Hamptons aesthetic?

The overall aesthetic is white, open, airy and coastal-classy elegance and sophistication by the sea. What does that even mean? The style comes from Long Island in New York, an area renowned as a summer-paradise escape from NY city. The style reflects this, oriented around complementing the perfect coastal weather, making the most of the natural light and incorporating nature into the design aesthetic. A Hamptons Kitchen is light and bright, with tall windows and wide doors opening to outside rooms – when executed well it’s hard to say where the kitchen ends and the outdoors starts. Bright, pale coloured walls and classic cabinetry compliment high-ceilings and timeless timber flooring. The cabinetry should be white or similar bright-neutral, with walls in a white, pale rose or light teal. Brass and bronze furnishings add a subtle elegance and hint of luxury, but the real centre-piece of the whole kitchen design is the island bench.

hamptons style kitchen design

The island bench takes centre stage and really makes or breaks this style, breathtaking when done well with timeless cabinetry and brass accents – the crowning glory is a beautiful marble benchtop. Grey or white, with strong colour veins and flakes tie the whole aesthetic together into the effortless blend of fresh elegance and coastal escape that’s so popular worldwide, and works so well with the Australian coastal lifestyle.

Guidelines for designing a Hamptons Kitchen

You want it, how could you not! So let us tell you how to execute this timeless and brilliant style. Start with the walls, and we’ll save the island bench for last! Paint your walls in a nice, airy and bright colour to maximise the feeling openness and make the most of the natural light. White is generally the best bet. Pay attention to the mouldings-cornices, skirting boards and such- traditional styling with simple and elegant lines compliments this style best.

hamptons style ktichen cabinets perth

Cabinetry! Let’s be clear, cabinetry really sets the standard for your kitchen. Done well, it’s a lovely base-line that lets all of your feature pieces and accessories shine, and creates the feeling you want. In this particular style, the cabinetry is best done in the same way as the trim, traditional, simple styles with clean lines.

Now for the really fun bit! Make it all come to life with gorgeous fittings. We love the Mix and Match Style, pair antique brass fittings with the clean neutral cabinetry for a stunning look, then put the crown on the cake with a marble benchtop. Build your dream kitchen with the benchtop in mind, because it’s the piece that’ll tie it all together. It’s the focal point of the kitchen, and it’ll make or break it.

Ready to get started? The Maker’s team of professional kitchen designers can offer plentiful advice, not only on colour and material selections, but layout and design style for your Perth kitchen, along with styling tips for lighting and accessories.

If you’re dying to see this drop-dead gorgeous style in person, let us show you! We’ve got a stunning example in our showroom right here in Perth. To make a booking for a design consultation or to find out more information about our kitchen design showroom, call our friendly team today on 1300 270 000.

hamptons style kitchen perth