Kitchen Colour Inspiration

Colour is a powerful design tool that has the ability to completely change the mood and feel of a kitchen. It is easy to be inspired by looking through countless images of kitchen colour scheme ideas, but often what can assist the most is viewing it in reality in a kitchen showroom. Seeing the kitchen colours and designs in a natural light can help to give perspective on what it would look like in your home.

When choosing your kitchen colour scheme, it is important to consider the natural light available to you, the colour schemes of the surrounding rooms, the flooring and the furniture. Are you going to make the kitchen colour scheme itself the feature, or would you prefer it to blend in more with the surroundings? Are you after a timeless look or making a statement?

Industrial Style Kitchen

A consistently popular choice in kitchen colour schemes is a neutral palette – whites, off-whites, beiges and greys are a popular choice in that they don’t date and can work with almost any style of kitchen. White is a classic kitchen colour because it is crisp and clean and creates an airy feel, and goes hand in hand with the part of the house where food is prepared. White is anything but boring when brought to life with interesting textures and finishes. It is also easy to freshen up a space after many years simply by swapping out accessories and creating an entirely different look, while allowing the neutral colour scheme to simply be the backdrop for showcasing other features or accessories. Where a colourful kitchen will compete with natural light, neutral kitchens will reflect it, and can visually enlarge a space, making it the ideal kitchen colour scheme for those smaller areas. Whites can also be paired elegantly with timbers for a beautiful earthy effect.

On the other hand, a dark kitchen can radiate sophistication, elegance and a strong personality. Often seen in an industrial style kitchen, a darker palette can look edgy and make a strong statement in the home. A dark kitchen colour scheme, such as black, navy or charcoal, will work best in a large space with high ceilings. If you like some of the darker colours but are worried about the space being too dark, one option to consider is the classic mix of black and white – a beautiful black island bench teamed with crisp white gloss cabinetry will create a tasteful and glamorous feel to the room.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

Other kitchen colour scheme ideas can be to pair two colours to suit your personality and style. The world is really your oyster when it comes to kitchen colour schemes! Other timeless colour combinations that have withstood the constantly changing trends are:

• Classic blues and whites (often seen in Hamptons style kitchens)
• Tans and browns
• Signature red and white (often white cabinetry paired with a red splashback)
• Natural earth tones
• Mixed shades of grey

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